BTU Giving Back to the Community

BTU as a gaming organization is committed to giving back to the global community in the form of monetary donations and volunteer hours. We all come from different walks of life, go through different experiences and hardships. As such, we feel responsible for donating to causes our members firmly believe in as the money we donate directly affects many of our own loved ones or friends.

How does BTU raise money?

BTU raises money through various ways, but mainly we focus on community tournaments where instead of players and teams making money, they choose a charity from a pool of charities we support and their prize money is sent to those charities directly via PayPal Giving Fund so we can ensure 100% of the donations are going to their respective charities fee free. If you want to donate or assist us, please feel free to visit our support page to donate to us.

Money Donated


Who We Support

This is a list of the charities we have helped so far. This list, with your support, will continue to grow.




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