We're A Community of Dedicated Gamers and Streamers

We Are Ball Tuggers United

We Game. We Stream. We have Fun.

BTU is a community of gamers and streamers who play many games, but we're primarily known for playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short. We're a "mature audience" community  filled with a colorful cast of whimsical characters who like to talk trash. We have ONE main rule here at the BTU and that's to thirst, also known as finishing the kill. Most people don't like us as a community because that is our rule, but hey... don't play the game if you can't take the pain.

We welcome anyone from any game, background, or skill level. We generally try to limit our members to 18+ just because of the discussions that can be found within our Discord and many of us are parents and cognizant of that. We host customs and tournaments where we come together and face other Discord servers or each other and really just have a great time playing video games. So come join our Discord server, we'd love you have ya.

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